June 2018


1.    QUESTION – Can the application form be turned in at the orientation instead of meeting the mail in deadline?


ANSWER – Yes, however, it will cost $45 instead of $35 if submitted after the deadline. 


2.    QUESTION – Can a Junior Golfer join the full time program at anytime during June or July?


ANSWER – Yes, however, as noted in #1 above, it will cost more.


3.    QUESTION - What does the membership offer a Junior Golfer?


ANSWERa) The Junior Golfer can purchase a set of starter golf clubs w/bag for $30.  When they outgrow the clubs, they can be traded in and given a different set of clubs at no extra charge; b)  Membership in the program allows the Junior Golfer to hit golf balls at the range free (except Wednesdays) at the Magellan Golf Course during June & July, by simply showing his/her membership card and signing for them in the clubhouse; c) he/she can play any of the Village courses for the whole year after 2 p.m. for $4.26 (this fee could change each year) however, if the he/she rides in a cart, the cart fee must be paid.


4.    QUESTION – I have a child visiting me for just a week.  Can I bring them to Magellan to sign up for a lesson on Wednesday and play at Coronado on Thursday?


ANSWER –No, all players must be a full time member of the Junior Golf Program.  A golfer can join the program anytime during the year but must pay for a full membership ($35 before May 31 deadline; $45 after deadline).   Our membership is good from June 1 of the current year through May 31 of the following year. 


5.    QUESTION - What tee markers do the 5, 9, and 18 hole golfers hit from.  How can I move up?


ANSWER – a) 5 hole players – all players use red tees; must score 28 or less to move to 9 holes;  b) 9 hole players – girls use gold tees; boys use white tees; must score 49 or less to move to 18 holes; 18 hole players – girls use gold tees; boys use white tees.  PLEASE NOTE all moves MUST be approved by Jack Barry.


6.    QUESTION – May I follow my Junior Golfer on the course on Thursday to watch him/her play?


ANSWER - No, we have found the Junior Golfer is paying more attention to the parent or grandparent than golf.  It also creates distractions for the volunteers and other Junior Golfers.


7.    QUESTION – Do I need a new tee-time every week?


ANSWER Yes, tee-times are assigned each Wednesday at Magellan and Granada for Junior Golf play on Thursdays at Coronado.  Tee-times will be assigned by flight for the two-day tournament.


8.    QUESTION – When is the last day to sign up for the two-day tournament and picnic.


ANSWER – Two weeks before the tournament.  Time is needed to assign flights and tee-times so the Junior Golfers will see their time and assignments on the last practice session.  The tournament is limited to the first 144 golfers who sign up.


9.    QUESTION – I have a POA family membership card for my Junior Golfer.  Isn’t that all I need for the program?


ANSWER – The POA family membership card allows the Junior Golfer to play at the "family” rate.  The Jr. Golf Membership card allows the junior golfer to play any of the Village courses for the whole year after 2 p.m. for $4.26 (this fee could change each year) however, if he/she rides in a cart, the cart fee must be paid.


10. QUESTION - My Junior Golfer will miss the orientation that is held at the Balboa Pavilion.  Can I attend without him/her?


ANSWER - Yes, the orientation is held to go over information that will be pertinent during the program such as a) what to do the first time the Junior Golfer attends the program; b) how to get a tee time; c) where to pick up golf clubs; d) what to do if there is bad weather.  Staff hands out the Junior Golf Membership cards. If the junior will be able to attend the first Wednesday practice, they can get a tee time for the following Thursday.  They also explain the need for volunteers to teach golf to the juniors on Wednesday’s as well as on-course volunteers on Thursday’s.  By holding the orientation, it eliminates some of the confusion on that first day.


11. QUESTION – What if no one can attend the orientation?


ANSWER – If you miss the orientation, then go to the Magellan Golf Course on the first Wednesday the Junior Golfer can attend.  The Junior Golfer will need to go to the line that says "Membership Cards”.  They will be given his/her membership card and shown where to go to get their tee time for Thursday.


12. QUESTION – My Junior Golfer will miss the first few weeks in June and a couple of weeks in July.  Do I need to let anyone know?


ANSWER – No, just attend the sessions you can.  However, to qualify to play in the tournament held the last Wednesday and Thursday of July, they must have attended a total of two practice sessions on Wednesday and played two rounds of golf on Thursday.


13. QUESTION – I ordered clubs for my Junior Golfer.  How do I pick them up?


ANSWER – Clubs will be handed out at the orientation.  PLEASE, if trading clubs, mark it on the application as well as their height.  If that information is not on the application, your clubs will NOT be available at orientation.  Only pre ordered clubs will be at orientation.  If you did not attend orientation, clubs can be picked up at Magellan Golf Course on the Wednesday he/she attends for lessons.


14. QUESTION – What if my Junior Golfer is sick or it is raining on the day of Thursday’s play?


ANSWER – If the Junior Golfer cannot play golf on Thursday due to illness or other reasons, please be considerate and CALL THE CORONADO GOLF COURSE (922-2355) to cancel the tee time.  Our On-Course Volunteer spends a great deal of time on Wednesday afternoon and evening to find volunteers for Thursday’s play day.  In case of rain, a decision will be made by the Board President.  CALL THE CORONADO GOLF COURSE to see if play has been cancelled. 


15. QUESTION – I don’t live in the Village.  How do I get through the gate?


ANSWER – The Junior Golf Board president will notify the gates that Junior Golfers will be coming to the Village.  The Junior Golfer should show his Junior Golf Membership Card.